Space Saving Beds. Beautiful solutions to 'not enough room'.

If you're looking for space saving beds for small rooms, these models may help solve your problem. Our 4 Kyoto models all save about 75mm off the overall length and width of the bed for any particular mattress size, as the mattress sits to the full width of the bed frame.

Our Studio bed had a particularly low head end so that it sits further under the eaves in a loft room. The Stacker and wooden Trundle beds both allow you to have a spare single bed on hand when you need it, while our wooden Cabin bed gives you great drawer space in situations where you have height, but are short on floor space.

Not see what you're looking for? All our other beds can be built with dimensions changed, too.

Check out our full bed range here. If you'd like to order any model from our range, but with its dimensions adjusted, get in touch using our Bespoke page.

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