Zip and Link beds

If you buy Zip and Link beds you can really increase the flexibility of a guestroom, or accommodation in a guest house.

Our Zip Link beds comprise of 2 separate single beds, with 2 separate single mattresses.


The zip together beds can be pushed tightly together to make a Kingsize bed, and the two mattresses can be joined with a connecting zip running all the way down their adjoining long top edges.

Zip and Link beds used to always just be available for divan beds.

However, Taurus's unique Kyoto bed makes it possible so that you can get wooden bed frames in zip link beds, as they are designed so that the frame is exactly the same width as the mattress.

Our unique Kyoto zip and link wooden beds

ziplink1The Zip and Link Kyoto bed can be supplied using our standard Kyoto bed, our Kyoto with Headboard, the Kyoto Midi or the Kyoto Platform.

In each case, the two zip link beds can be ordered either 2’ 6” or 3’ 0” wide, and either 6’ 3” or 6’ 6” in length.

Our mattress maker takes each mattress and carefully machines one half of a sturdy upholstery zip along one of its long top edges and along its diagonally opposite long bottom edge. This lets the two mattresses be joined together without creeping apart, while also allowing for mattress turning. (We add a charge of £60 to the combined price of the mattresses to cover the cost of fitting the zips.)

GUARANTEE blackZip and Link Kyoto mattresses can be supplied in all of our Taurus Orthopaedic and Taurus Pocket Sprung models.

When the two halves are placed together, the result is one of:

  • King Size: 5’ 0” wide x 6’ 6” long
  • Short King Size: 5’ 0” wide x 6’ 3” long
  • Super King Size: 6’ 0” wide x 6’ 6” long
  • Short Super King Size: 6’ 0” wide x 6’ 3” long

If you'd like to order a Kyoto Zip and Link bed, or would like more information about Zip and Link wooden beds, please call us on 020 7624 3024, or use our contact form.