Zip and Link beds

Zip and Link beds can really increase the flexibility of a guest room or accommodation in a guest house.

They consist of a pair of separate single beds, with separate single mattresses. The beds can be used either as 2 singles, or pushed together, and the mattresses zip-joined, to create one Kingsize or Super Kingsize bed. 

These beds can also be very useful in getting a King or Superking size bed into a room where stair or passage access makes it impossible to deliver a one-piece mattress of that size.


Our unique Kyoto Zip and Link wooden beds

We supply Zip and Link versions of each of our 4 Kyoto models. In each case, the two Zip and Link beds can be ordered either 2’ 6” or 3’ 0” wide, and either 6’ 3” or 6’ 6” in length.

Zip-fitted mattress pairs are available in 11 mattresses from our range.

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