5 Beautiful Ways To Cosy Up Your Bedroom

Think of your bedroom and you think comfort, cosiness, and warmth. Your bedroom is that relaxing, personal space where it is a joy to retreat to, once the day’s hard rigours and stresses are over with.

Here are 5 beautiful ways to cosy up your bedroom. Customise it to your cosiness level like a custom sign board so that you never want to leave.

1.   Give yourself a royal inviting bed

No bedroom is comfortable if the bed isn’t. Choose a quality mattress suitable for your requirements. Before use, allow it to air for a minimum of 4 hours.  Ideally flip, rotate or turn the mattress at intervals so that it remains in good shape. 3 months is the frequently recommended time period but it can be more often or less. Possible warning signs that it’s time: you start feeling a sag, or there’s a pain in your body.

As far as replacing a mattress goes, the ideal time period is between every 7 to 10 years.

Consider giving a wooden bed an enclosed and hence secure feeling with a four poster. Don’t like frills or curtains? Go for a streamlined version that has simple posts without fabric or crossbeams. Also, give thought to having a headboard. To enhance the ‘safe haven’ feeling, dress up the bed with soft linens, a cosy quilt or luxe duvet, and lots of pillows.  Ideally, aim for soft sheets high on thread count.

5 beautiful ways to cosy up your bedroom


2.   Give it some soothing lighting

Overhead lights gleaming on you while you’re trying to sleep is something to be definitely avoided. To deal with the problem, you can switch the fixture off after dark (using low light for night time), put it on a dimmer, or just remove it. As alternatives, combine some of these:

  • smaller lamps put at varying heights to give off a texture of light

  • soft bedside lamps

  • low wattage bulbs

  • Himalayan salt lamps which are known to have air-filtering qualities

  • candles

If you don’t have a fireplace, candles are great ways to contribute warm light to your sleep haven. To limit the safety risks from burning candles (especially if you forget to blow them out), consider using geometric glass lanterns, hurricane lanterns or glass terrarium boxes and put a votive or pillar candles inside them. You’ll gain from light, warmth and also an attractive modern touch to your bedroom décor. Another option is to get lovely artificial candles.

3.   Get some comfortable rugs


Having something soft to step onto when you get out of the bed, is a wonderful feeling in itself. You can go with an antique Persian rug, small shag or sheepskin rugs placed on the bed’s sides, a modern minimalist piece; whatever suits your fancy. A soft area rug provides both warmth and texture. How about patterns? If you like the idea, put a patterned rug beneath your bed.


4.   Books to relax your way to bed

Retrieve that redundant bookshelf out of the garage and introduce it into your bedroom. It is always fun and relaxing to snuggle in bed with a book with your eyes gradually closing and easing into sleep. Stock the bookcase with coffee table books and novels that would make good pre-bed reads. If you have enough space in your bedroom, go a step further and make a separate cosy reading spot. You just need a table, and an oversized but cosy chair or a luxurious chaise.

5.   Be in tune with nature with green plants

Having plants inside the bedroom lends a feeling of freshness and connection to the outdoors. And being in communion with nature is a joyful, other-worldly experience.

Go for plants that are easy to handle such as air plants, succulents, and cacti. In addition to requiring minimal effort, they’re a pleasing design element.

If you love plants, try your own experiments with nature, design, and comfort. How about dried thistles in glass bottles?

In addition to the 5 points listed above, it is helpful to switch off your phones and laptops a short while before you sleep, keep laundry away from the bedroom, and to declutter.  Nothing can compare to the happiness of a cosy sleep in a cosy bedroom.


Author Bio:

Jessica Smith is a working mom and a passionate writer. She enjoys writing about the latest home decor and lifestyle trends all around the globe. She has been working with Elite Garage for some time now. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people as possible to help build a beautiful home and space.