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The Advantages Of Bespoke Wooden Beds

When it comes to bespoke wooden beds, you can be certain it hasn’t been sitting in the warehouse, slowly collecting dust before being bought. They are beds that are hand-built to what you need and have been altered and modified to suit your exact bedroom requirements.  The advantages of the beds go beyond being hand-built to your requirements and so, here are five advantages of bespoke wooden beds!  


#1 Unique:


We all come in various sizes and shapes and each have our own preferences when it comes to beds. Bespoke wooden beds allow you to have your own personal touch to the bed, as nobody else has the bed that you have! Need your bed to be wider, lower, longer, shorter, narrower, higher or in a different colour? Not a problem! It will conform to your specifications with the dimensions and style you want.


#2 Flexibility:


Which brings us to our next advantage - flexibility! Because you can have your bed in any design and finish (as per your preferences), this demonstrates just how flexible bespoke wooden beds are. You’re not limited to a certain size, width or length and this means that you have the freedom to have exactly what you want, with so much choice.


#3 Individual Quality:


Bespoke means you get the quality that you’re after for your homes. Quite frequently, when beds are purchased, there is uncertainty over the quality and raw material used to create the bed. With bespoke furniture, you know exactly what material you’re going to get, and what quality to expect. You can match the bed with the theme or interior design of the room. With Taurus Pine Beds, you can expect high quality and durability as our bespoke wooden bed frames are built to last.


#4 Utilisation of Space:  


If you have a smaller room, then bespoke wooden beds could help you to make the most of the space, as per your bedroom’s requirements. Bespoke bunk beds are extremely efficient as space saver beds, in helping to maximise on storage. The beds can be modified and altered according to your bedroom space, awkward corners and individual needs.

#5 Systematic Arrangement:  


People have different ways of living and bespoke furniture are perfect in addressing individual needs. Kids may prefer single beds and bunk beds, cot beds are ideal for babies and toddlers and teenagers and adults need bigger beds. Bespoke furniture also allows for people to have a certain pattern/material that they desire to be consistent throughout the bedrooms and house.

Looking for a bespoke wooden bed? Prefer a certain style? Different comfort levels? Need to make the most of bedroom space? Then contact Taurus Pine Beds today for beds that are perfectly handmade just for you. We also uniquely provide bespoke mattresses in any size to go with your sturdy bespoke wooden bed. Tell us how you want your bed?

the advantages of bespoke wooden beds