How your Taurus wooden bed is made

It never seems to do justice to the care that goes into our wooden beds to talk about how they're 'manufactured'.

The word never seems to get across just how 'handbuilt' each bed we sell really is.

So we thought we'd try and explain exactly how our beds are made at our Nottinghamshire factory.

Every wooden bed and bespoke wooden bed we sell is made from a similar set of high quality, FSC Scandinavian pine timbers, jointed together using purpose-designed, precision engineered, corrosion-free metal components.

First, the Corner Posts

Our beds are built on four corner posts (two acting as the edges of the head end, and two the edges of the foot end). These are usually made from a square pine section of approximately 75mm, so the bed will be strong and will have a good area of floor contact to spread its load.

The posts are first hand cut and machined to height. If the design you have chosen has decorative feet or finials on the posts, then these are carefully turned by hand at this stage.

The Head End

To make the head end of the bed, we then cut and fashion its cross boards or panels to the design you've chosen, and to the width of the bed size you've asked for.

These cross panels are then fitted with absolute precision between two corner posts using wooden dowels, before the whole assembly is glued and clamped.

The Foot End

Then we make the foot end of the bed in exactly the same way, again fashioning the cross boards or panels to the style of the bed you've ordered.

Both of the ends have their corner posts drilled, and metal bushes fitted, so that they can be joined firmly to the side rails with engineered metal bolts when we (or you) assemble the bed in your bedroom.

Some Central Support Fittings

If the bed is a standard double or wider, a metal seat bracket is also fitted to the mid point of both the head end and foot end, low down, so that when the bed is assembled in your bedroom, a sturdy central timber can be fitted into these to give the mattress slats additional support.

And then the Rails

Next, we machine the bed's side rails. 

On our beds, the two side rails are actually each made from two timbers.

The outer face of the rail (the part you can see) will usually be made from a sturdy, 22mm thick pine plank of around 140mm in depth. The length will again depend on the size of bed you've ordered, but will be 6'3" or 6''6", unless you've placed a special, bespoke order for a different length.

We then screw a solid pine ledge along the full length of the inside face of each side rail, about half way down its depth. This will support the ends of the pine slats on which the mattress sits.

The forged Corner Joints

Once we have the two side rails, we screw purpose-designed, deep, metal right angle brackets to the inside face of each, one at each end. 

The unattached face of each bracket has three holes in it, so that bolts can later be passed through it to attach the rails to the bed's head end and foot end.

The Central Support Timber

If your bed is wider than a standard double, we also now machine a sturdy central support from a single length of timber. This will sit between the head-end and foot-end, to take some of the load of the mattress.

Applying the Finish to your bed

With all the components of your bed made to size, and sanded smooth, all that remains is to apply the wax, paint or lacquer finish that you have chosen. These are spray applied by our expert finishing team. If you've ordered a wax finish, this is then burnished by hand to bring it to a beautiful sheen.

A set of Slats

Slats, which support the mattress, traverse the bed from one side to the other, their ends sitting on a ledge screwed to the inside of each side rail. If the bed is wider than a Double, then they are also supported centrally by a rail that runs the length of the bed, from head to foot. A bed will usually have 10-12 slats.

We machine our slats from the same, top quality pine as the other components of the bed. Each slat is 120mm wide and 20mm thick, giving ample support. As slats are a universal part common to all our beds, we machine a stock of each width every couple of weeks, so we need only select a set of slats to the right width for your bed, and we're ready to go.

Wrapping your bed to be transported

When we load your bed onto our van for delivery, we pack each component carefully using heavy duty blankets. We've found over the years that this is not only ecologically friendly, avoiding the use of plastic and paper, but also gives the bed the maximum possible protection, ensuring that its timber, and its finish, arrive at your home unblemished.