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Why Would Anyone Buy Zip Link Beds?

Beds that zip together. Why would anyone buy zip link beds? Why not sleep in a typical double bed, instead of sleeping in twin beds that zip together? There are plenty of reasons to buy zip and link beds and here, we have listed seven (that’s right - seven!) reasons to purchase a zip link bed!


1. Easy To Install:


Zip link beds are incredibly easy to install, with two separate sections of the bed able to be handled one at a time - giving the advantage of reducing the amount of weight being carried at any one time.  This easy installation also means that children and older customers will also have fewer issues installing zip and link beds due to a lighter weight.


2. Comfort:


So comfy are zip and link beds, that you can’t even feel the zippers! They are discreetly linked and this is due to a special design where the zippers are attached to the sides of the mattress, maximising on your comfort when in the land of nod!

3. Versatile:


Zip link beds can be adapted to suit any guest requirements, be it for couples, friends, or two adult siblings!  It’s quick and easy to convert to suit your needs and is part of what makes zip together beds so incredibly popular.

4. Individual Support Levels:


You can have two separate mattresses with different support levels, making beds that zip together perfect for sleeping partners with different comfort levels. Let’s face it, not all mattresses are suitable for everyone, so this is a fantastic perk of zip link beds.

5. Easy Rotation:


They are easy to turn and rotate, making them ideal for all age groups - in particular children and older customers who may find one piece mattresses just a bit too heavy to rotate and turn.  


6. Flexibility:


Beds that zip together are so flexible that you have the freedom to do exactly what you need to do with them! Need them to be in a certain position? A certain area? Need to cater for particular guests and their requirements? Then zip link beds are just what you’re looking for!


7. Space Saver:


Another perk of these unique beds is that they are space saver beds! As they can be unzipped and unlinked and placed in a certain area to suit any requirements. Due to the advantage of being unzipped and unlinked, you can more easily move the beds through narrow spaces.

why would anyone buy a zip and link beds?

There you have it - now you know why you definitely should buy beds that zip together! For reasons being that they are just far too comfortable, versatile and so easy to install and rotate and that’s just for starters. For the best zip and link beds around, look no further than Taurus Pine Beds. Offering a flexible solution, they provide a wide range of zip link beds, from Divan beds, all the way to Kyoto beds. Looking to order one? Call Taurus on 020 7624 3024 or use our contact form here - and if you are in delivery zones 1 and 2, not only can Taurus Pine Beds deliver the products, we can personally assemble your zip and link beds, just for you.