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Looking For Space Saver Beds?

When bedroom space is tight, it goes without saying that you have to be strategic about space. You need to think ahead and be crafty with your bedroom purchases. Being space challenged does not mean that you have to compromise on a beautiful and luxurious bed. The secret to this is to opt for space saver beds and trust us, there are plenty of beds for small rooms to choose from at your disposal. For some small space solutions, check out these space saver beds!


Bespoke Wooden beds:


Altered and modified to suit your bedroom requirements, bespoke wooden beds can be hand-built to exactly what you need. If you need a space saver bed, they can be built with storage capacity in mind. If your bedroom space is too small for a standard double, the bed can be adjusted.


Bunk Beds:


Suitable for both kids and adults, bunk beds are a practical solution for when space is limited. Ideal for sleepovers and guests, they can be built into the wall and can come with drawers and a desk. Bunk beds are sturdy and space-saving as two beds only take up the space of one.


Cabin Beds:


Cabin beds are stylish, combining practical storage space with innovative design. They can come with drawers, desks, cupboards and a workspace, making them ideal for teenagers and young adults.


Divan Beds:


Made from two parts, Divan beds are sturdily made with a wooden frame covered in fabric (the divan base) and an attached matching mattress.  They take up less space than your typical bed frame of the same proportions, due to the length and width of the base matching that exactly of the mattress. This makes divan beds an excellent and popular choice for those smaller rooms.


Loft Beds:


Loft beds make the layout functionable. They are similar to bunk beds, but instead of having a second bed below - there’s plenty of room for a couch, desk, drawers, wardrobe, bookcase, or a widescreen TV. They really make the most out of tiny spaces.


Murphy Beds:


Murphy beds, also known as a wall bed and a pull-down bed, are hinged at one end and stored vertically against the wall. Folding wall beds are a smart choice when space is minimal and are simple, robust and perfect for those cramped bedrooms. They are easy to lift and make more room for the floor throughout the day.


Ottoman Beds:


Ottoman beds come with a discreet storage solution without compromising on comfort and design. They are simple to open; all you have to do is lift up the bed frame to reveal bags of storage space. The beds’ niche space for underbed storage make it hugely popular for smaller bedrooms


Trundle Beds:


Known for their versatility, trundle beds are smaller beds that can be stored underneath a larger bed and can come with storage units too. The bed slides out from underneath the main bed and are perfect for guests. It sure beats sleeping on the floor and are perfect for when floor space is limited.

looking for space saver beds?

Beds for small spaces can have amazing storage capacity and Taurus Pine Beds provide bespoke wooden beds, trundle beds and divan beds and plus much much more. They can customise their wooden and divan beds to fit any space, no matter how small the space. In addition to this, Taurus supply unique Kyoto beds which are designed to save space. Need a space saver bed? Check out Taurus Pine Beds today.