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The 5 Versatile Advantages Of Zip And Link Beds

Looking for a new bed and mattress and come up short in your hunt for the perfect bed? You may have come across the term ‘zip and link’ wooden beds then. Kyoto zip and link beds are essentially beds that zip together. Originally made especially for hotels and B&B’s due to their versatility, they come with tons of advantages for everyone too. Have a look at what they can do for you here.


1. Sleeping Partners With Different Comfort Levels  

A great advantage of Kyoto zip and link wooden beds is that they are suitable for sleeping partners with different comfort levels. You can have two separate mattresses each coming with its own individual support levels.


2. Easy To Install

Beds that zip together are easier to install in places that are tricky to access, such as narrow corridors and hotels with multiple floors. Each section can be handled separately which reduces the amount of weight being carried. They are space saving beds too with their capability to be unzipped and unlinked if need be, especially when moving the beds (even a super king sized bed!) through a narrow space. You can also buy zip and link duvets, which also have the advantage of space saving, as there isn’t a need to have to store one king size duvet or two single duvets. Whilst Kyoto zip and link beds come apart easily when unzipped and unlinked, they are so robust and sturdy that there’s an extremely low probability of them accidentally coming apart.


3. Versatile

Zip together beds are cost-effective and extremely versatile. They can be used to meet the occupants’ needs when it comes to rooms and sleeping arrangements. A twin room with two beds can become a king-sized or super king-sized bed and a family room (one single and one king/super-king sized bed) can become a room with three single beds. The versatility of Kyoto zip and link beds also comes with easy and fast conversion for ease of use. The easy transformation of zip and link bespoke wooden beds are what make them so highly popular.


4. Easy To Turn

Another edge that zip together beds have are that it’s easy to rotate and turn the single mattresses. This is especially helpful for children and older customers who may find one piece mattresses too heavy to move.


5. Comfort

Are zip and link wooden beds comfortable? Yes! Keeping in mind the design of Kyoto zip and link beds, their advantages also extend to that of comfort. It's extremely difficult to feel the zips as they are attached to the sides of the mattress and this special design ensures maximum comfort for you when sleeping.


the 5 versatile advantages of of zip and link beds

Zip and link wooden beds are ideal for those looking for versatility and comfort. Taurus Pine Beds’ zip and link beds are fantastic to hand-build, but they are even better to own. We provide a wide range of zip together beds, ranging from Kyoto beds to Divan beds, in all sizes. Looking to order one? Call us on 020 7624 3024 or use our contact form here - and if you are in delivery zones 1 and 2, not only can Taurus Pine Beds deliver the products, we can personally assemble it too, just for you.